23 de April de 2019

4Retail completes full refurbishment of two restaurants for Hotel Meliá Villaitana

It took a month and a half to execute the works on the two restaurants at Hotel Meliá Villaitana, Casa Nostra and Papa Mambo, including civil works, installations, joinery, finishes, kitchens and bars in both establishments.

4Retail, one of the main construction companies specialising in the retail, hotel and offices sector, carried out a full refurbishment of the two main restaurants at hotel Meliá Villaitana (Benidorm) in just 45 days.

Getting these new spaces ready is part of the luxury hotel’s commitment to cuisine, with the design aims focusing on making the space warm, welcoming, attractive and modern.

The construction company was commissioned to carry out the work for the installations, joinery, kitchens, finishes, bars in both restaurants and all the civil works, working with a surface area of 382 m2 and 220 m2.

Casa Nostra and Papa Mambo: 2 restaurants; 2 identities.

Casa Nostra introduces us to the concept of a Mediterranean village. It is in a building created to look like a 16th-century Dominican convent, with a clearly Renaissance and Baroque style. In terms of cuisine, the restaurant serves innovative Italian food and its décor is modern, bright and contemporary.

The façade of Papa Mambo was built to look like the spectacular Palace of the Counts of Cocentaina, which was constructed on top of an old Moorish building in the 12th century. Km. 0 produce, local recipes and healthy food, these are the hallmarks of this charming restaurant.

Renovation in just a month and a half

Thanks to 4Retail’s extensive experience with this sort of projects, the refurbishment was completed in record time, going unnoticed by the hotel’s regular guests while also meeting all the technical specifications and timeline agreed upon.

“The excellent work on the two restaurants at Meliá Villaitana was an opportunity to show that our company has a long history in executing works in the hotel and restaurant sector,” explains Javier Paradell, managing partner at 4Retail.