Project & Build

Project & Build



Your projects can become a reality


BUILD is the service 4Retail offers as a construction company specialising in the retail sector. The client gives us their design and technical project with the measurements and we quote the construction services. Always with the value added of our high standards for Reengineering, Quality and Real Cost.


When you choose our Build service, we will follow the phases of our work method.


  • We receive all the information on your full project.
  • We study the project and prepare a quote.
  • We present the quote with a schedule.
  • We execute the works.


Project & Build is the service 4Retail offers clients that takes the client’s design concept or project and helps them optimise their expansion processes, centralising the technical design and execution phases to keep both construction times and costs under control and provide the best building quality. We work as the external technical department for our partners’ expansion processes.


  • We define the scope of the project and resources needed.
  • We receive the design and interior design information for the client.
  • We take charge of all the technical and legal documents for the installations and civil works. We introduce the client to the joint technical team chosen for their project.
  • We establish the budget with the client as we study the project.
  • We concentrate all the processes in one comprehensive method, to keep both times and costs under control.
  • We are partners throughout the process, working for and with the client.
  • We look at the whole project comprehensively.
  • We execute the works.

Do you already have your project and need the construction company that can bring your ideas to life?

At 4Retail, we have the talent and experience to create together everything you are dreaming of.

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