Our methodology

4Retail is a different construction company: technical, fast, real cost and with a personal relationship with our clients.

Most of our team has decades of experience in the sector in construction, engineering, installations and/or technical processes, so we have implemented our own methodology to make the most of our skills and experience. Our work method always focuses on optimising real costs, improving planning and the quality of the final construction.
Our technical office, production and post-sales/maintenance teams work together to achieve the very best building goals for each project.


Technical office

360º guidance

360º guidance (technical and legal) in the preliminary phases of building projects.

Retail consultancy

Drafting economic studies and budgets. We always focus on presenting the client with the best real cost.

Executing projects

Executing projects for licences, installations and technical building elements.


Reengineering and coming up with alternatives to streamline the budget for the project.


Guidance and follow-up during the execution of the works.

Industrial kitchens

Design and execution of kitchen projects.

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Retail construction

Preliminary study, project analysis and budget to execute.

Financial oversight

Financial oversight and direct communication with the team for the works project.


Creating the work schedule and following up actively at all times to ensure deadlines are met, with weekly client updates on how works are progressing. the work schedule and following up actively at all times to ensure deadlines are met.

Quality control

Quality control for all building elements on site.

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Post-sales service, guarantees and maintenance


Delivering all the technical documents required to the client when the works are finished.


Quickly resolving any incidents that may arise during the guarantee period.


Transferring any information that could be useful for proper maintenance of the installations.


Post-sales service to help with any changes the client wants to make.


Guidance and follow-up through the end of the guarantee period.

Maintenance Partner

Our corporate group includes Mit10, which is focuses on Maintenance.

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