9 de January de 2019


4Retail construction company has built a turnkey space for the new Peruvian restaurant Corococó, in Barcelona’s Eixample district.

The interior design was done by Morandi Arrela, head of the interior design studio Brandfood, which specialises in culinary spaces. The décor Brandfood designed expresses the essence of Peruvian cuisine, with a simple, informal setting that is full of bright colours and artisan decorations. The design also includes references to the restaurant’s star dish, free-range chicken, such as the chicken-wire lamps.

This isn’t the first time 4Retail and Brandfood have worked together. Some months ago they completed Chef Gastón Acurio’s new restaurant in Barcelona, Yakumanka, to great success.

4Retail construction company took charge of the civil works, joinery, kitchen, bar and installations for this new 160-square-metre restaurant in the record time of just two months.


4Retail construye restaurante Corococo 4Retail construye restaurante Corococo Cocina restaurante Corococo