10 de September de 2015

New offices in Madrid

4Retail, a construction company that specialises in providing technical service for industrial kitchens and works for clients in the retail sector –mainly fashion brands, restaurants, gyms and hotels- moved into its new offices in the Salamanca neighbourhood of Madrid in July.

4R currently has 2 offices, one in the 22@ Barcelona technology district and the other in the Salamanca neighbourhood of Madrid, which is home to the best shopping streets in the retail sector in the Spanish capital.

4Retail has chosen Plaza Marqués de Salamanca 11 for its new offices because of its central location, close and easy for clients and collaborators in the retail sector.

The company’s general management believe that these new offices will surely consolidate our values and service as a professional construction company, bringing us closer to current and future clients and providing better service and presence nationwide.

We continue to believe that properly growing our structure is necessary to grow our service and follow-up for the clients that trust 4Retail.