23 de January de 2020

New tapas bar ‘La Barra del 7 portes’ built by 4Retail

January 2019-. The new tapas bar ‘La Barra del 7 portes’ recently opened its doors in Barcelona. 4Retail, a benchmark developer in the hospitality sector, built the premises. The developer executed all works for the civil works project, bar and installations.

The new space is fed by the kitchen of the renowned, historical Barcelona restaurant 7 Portes, located in an interconnected space. Ignasi Reventós Vila, a partner at C97 Arquitectes I Associats, was in charge of the interior design for the new bar, which offers an updated take on the original style. The black and white colour scheme is based around the checker-board floor tiles, high tables and stools, and a large black bar. As an allusion to the white-linen mother restaurant, the tabletops and bar tops are white. The walls are exposed brick and plaster painted terracotta red.




“La Barra del 7 Portes is solid, backed by one of the most emblematic restaurants in Barcelona, the famous 7 Portes. Months after having successfully built the impressive kitchen for this establishment, now we are proud to have built this new space, which we are sure will be successful for many years to come,” says Javier Paradell, co-founder and partner at 4Retail.