29 de November de 2020

4Retail designs and builds two new Panchito Mexican restaurants in Barcelona

4Retail construction company has built two new turnkey restaurants for the Panchito chain in the shopping centres Ànec Blau in Castelldefels and Som Multiespai in Barcelona. At both restaurants, 4Retail executed all the civil works, installations, joinery, kitchens, cold storage and furnishings.

Panchito has given these new spaces a whole new look, taking its characteristic colourful mariachi style and updating it with more contemporary, casual, fun interior design. While keeping elements that are at the core of the brand’s identity, such as the long table and couples stools (just the right size for a kiss without having to get up), local decor from various regions of Mexico and the open kitchen pass.

The wooden tables are paired with turquoise stools, Skand chairs in the same tone and in yellow, and with white Albeup chairs. The bar is yellow and decorated with ropes. The walls are covered halfway in a bright, colorful Mexican-style mosaic.  There are plates and traditional souvenirs on the walls in bright colours. All to make sure diners enjoy the Mexican cuisine with all five senses.

“We’re very happy with this project to redefine the concept and come up with new ideas. Thanks to the highly functional interior design, this new concept for the Panchito brand will definitely have people talking in the retail restaurant sector,” notes Javier Paradell, partner and co-founder of 4Retail.